Thursday, July 2, 2009

Four years ago today

It was a beautiful Saturday. Picture perfect weather, seventy degrees and not a cloud in sky. As I got ready for my wedding day, everyone helping me to get ready kept commenting on how calm I was. Being the neurotic person I am, I thought for sure I would be a wreck on my wedding day. I wasn't. I was perfectly content and at ease with the fact that I was getting ready to stand before God and my loved ones and pledge my lifelong committment to my best friend. Marraige isn't always easy, but true love is well worth fighting for. Happy anniversary to my amazing husband, who always has my back and has given me two precious gifts-his love, and our amazing little girl. I love you baby!!!


Shan said...

Congratulations on reaching this fabulous milestone!!!

C. Beth said...

Yay, congrats!!! :-D I hope it was a great day! Beautiful photo.

Sasha said...

Congrats on winning my Buxom Lips giveaway!

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