Saturday, October 25, 2008

Green Girl

The Diva has a new job that she loves. She is now head of recycling here at our house. The Diva loves to put the recycling in the bin. When I tell her I have some recycling for her to do she gets so excited. We keep our bin just outside the front door, and when I let the Diva know it is time to recycle, she shouts without fail, "Hang on, just let me grab my Crocs!" I love that she is so enthusiastic about recycling!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy moment

Today the Diva and I were ladies who lunch. We went with her daycare class on a field trip to the pumpkin patch and then the Diva insisted we go to McNasty's. I mean, well, you know where I mean. Since it is a rare occurrence I went with it. Anywho, while we were there a woman dining with her family kept smiling at the Diva. We took one final trip to the potty (where the Diva proclaimed she would wait and go at home), and passed the woman on the way out. She smiled and said " I just have to tell you that your daughter is so beautiful." This of course isn't what made me so happy. Of course I love a compliment as much as the next person. But over the span of the Diva's life, I have encountered so many "Is she yours?" "YOU'RE her mother?" type comments that it felt so good for someone to finally assume she was indeed my daughter. I've always found it odd that people are quick to think she isn't mine. I mean, sure she is a bit darker than I am, has totally different hair, but come on people, she looks like me! She does, I swear! Even the online thingy says that she looks equally like her mom and dad. It is always such a knock to my happy little world when someone makes one of those comments, even though most of the time they truly aren't trying to be offensive. But still it felt good for someone to see us as just a mom and daughter, which is exactly what we are.

Day off attire

There is no school today, so I kept the Diva home with me for some extra quality time. I would love to go and do something today (it is actually somewhat decent outside), but the Diva wants to be a nudist. I am not really forcing the issue just yet, since going somewhere requires me to get ready too. I am almost there, but not quite. So now, the Diva has dressed up her birthday suit a bit. She is now wearing duck slippers, water wings, and NOTHING else. She also still has giant just-out-of-bed hair, so it is a sight to behold. I love my girl!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grapes and Lobsters- An Update

I got a call from the manager of the grape-stealing grocery store. The manager was very nice, and very apologetic. They are sending me a gift card, and he said that he was going to be talking to all of the baggers about the situation, so that it would never happen again. I feel kind of bad about that part. It really wasn't a ton of grapes, and I never expected a gift card. I just thought it was poor customer service and that maybe it should be brought to someone's attention. Oh well, it is over now.

As far as the lobster costume goes, we now have the materials and the basic concept. And my mom, the bad-ass Martha Stewart is going to help me out a little. Which is a good thing, because now the diva is going to be photographed next Saturday by the local paper for a Halloween article they are doing, and she will have to be in costume. So hopefully it all comes together in the next six days. It should, like I said, I brought in reinforcements (my Mom) and she works well under pressure. I am sure she is super happy that we have moved nearby so that I can add to her already busy life.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Her literal mind

We have a neighbor named Annette. She and her husband have a little boy. The diva asked me what her name was a few weeks ago, and I told her. The diva didn't believe me. Just now from the other room, out of nowhere, the diva shouts, " Mom, the neighbor is not A NET, she's A MOM!" Too funny. I am still chuckling.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Daddy-o thinks I am overreacting about the grapes? Am I?

Grape Thief?

I just got back from a grocery shopping trip. It was not fun. I don't know why I decided to wait until late Sunday afternoon to go shopping. It was torture. The store was insane. And why, during a really busy time at the store, would they decide to stock the shelves in almost every aisle? Like it wasn't hard enough to manuever my way through the massess of people without the gigantic carts fill with products! Argh! Plus I had the Diva with me, and she was in a loud mood. I tried to hurry, but it was a nearly impossible task, since I could barely get around. When I finally got to the check-out counter I had started to relax. After all, the trip was about over, and the Diva was being particularly charming. As the cashier was ringing up my stuff, I see him toss my bag of grapes over to the bagger. The bag was closed when I put it on the counter, and somehow it was now open. Grape start tumbling out. The bagger just lets them tumble. I made a light-hearted comment to the Diva about the grapes running away. The cashier gathers the loose grapes up and goes to throw them away, and the bagger says something, and takes the grapes and puts them to the side. It was probably only about ten or so grapes, but still, I had just paid for those grapes. I am not sure how annoyed I should really be, but it bothered me. I guess I will have to keep being extra nice to Daddy-o so he can make the future shopping trips. No one would dare steal his grapes!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good Times

Daddy-o and I got a random date night last night and it was fabulous. We were given tickets to see the opening of the movie Frozen River. The movie has many Vermont ties, one of which being my friend was the costume designer. I really enjoyed the movie, and a bunch of family and friends went to watch the premier together so it made for an even better time. The movie won at Sundance last year, and is now playing in select theaters. If you have a chance, I recommend checking it out.

After the movie we went out with an old friend for a few drinks. I had the best time. This old friend is really like family, we are two weeks apart in age and have known each other for most of our lives. His mom is my mom's bff. It was great to hang out with him, he lives in Colorado so we don't see him a ton. It is also great that he and Daddy-0 have hit it off, and even went out together earlier in the week. I like it when my people all like each other. So far it is a fabulous weekend, we have dinner plans tonight ( I think), and I am going to attempt to tackle the Halloween monster, otherwise known as the LOBSTER COSTUME!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

So tired.

The Diva's asthma kept her up all night, poor girl. So of course that means her asthma kept me up all night too. Now it is 8:30- ish on a Thursday night and I am completely beat. I wish work was optional. You could get up every day and decide at the last minute whether or not you were really up for it. And it wouldn't effect your performance at work in the slightest. Or have any impact on your paycheck. Because if that were the case, I so would have been in bed all day today. Lounging around eating bon bons or something. (I've never actually seen or eaten a bon bon). A girl can dream. I am going to go collapse in a sleepy heap now. Sweet dreams!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Cool Give-Away

Check out this blog for a chance to win a great home made bear! I am totally envious because I could never make anything quite so cool. It doesn't matter how easy the pattern might possibly be. A bear I make would scare little children. Anyway, check C.Beth out. A chance at a cool freebie, and a fun blog to read!

The little things

This week has been a bit lousy. My migraine refuses to completely let go. A dear, dear friend lost her mom this week (she was a dear friend too). My heart has been broken for our friends and their family and I have felt sad for three days. The Diva's asthma won't be nice, and her stupid nebulizer broke, so I had to make magic happen to get a new one so the poor girl can breathe. And then, tonight, my sweet sweet girl layed her favorite blanket down in the middle of the floor, sat down and said, "Mommy, would you like to join me for a picnic?" Her sweet voice, and her precious eager eyes made me forget for a little while about the things that have been causing me stress. We had imaginary fried chicken, salad, lemonade and lollipops for dessert. It didn't add any calories to my day, and I was able take a break from feeling so crappy and remember how good God is, and how blessed I really am.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Such an obedient child

Yesterday we went to a harvest festival in search of the great pumpkin. It was rather insane, with a ginormous line to take the hay ride to the pumpkin patch, and somehow an even longer line for the ride back once we found our dream pumpkin. We found a lovely pumpkin and are calling him George. I made a fatal error in dressing The Diva for the harvest fest. Silly Mommy put her in WHITE pants. White. What was I thinking? Actually, I was thinking she looked precious in her perfectly coordinated purple and white outfit. What I wasn't thinking about was dirt. While waiting for the ride back with George, The Diva sat down in the dirt and grass. I really can't blame her, we had been waiting forever. It is important that I mention that typically The Diva detests dirt, and all things dirty. That little tidbit is important before I continue. When I looked at The Diva, sitting in the dirt, I said "Oh sure Diva, get NICE and DIRTY for Mama." To which she replied, "Okay Mommy!" And proceded to pick up two heaping handfuls of dirt and rub them all over her white pants. Hey, she listened.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Getting Busy

Note to Self:
When subbing in a math class for 7th and 8th graders, do not tell the students to "get busy" when they come into the classrom. They will laugh at you.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Lobster

That is what The Diva wants to be for Halloween. A lobster. Not a princess (too easy), not an Alligator (even though we have a costume), not any of the other million things that would be so easy to do, or are easily accessible (friends hand me down costumes). The kid wants to be a lobster. On one hand, I am thrilled that she has an opinion on the issue. I admire her creativity. On the other hand, this means I have to try to make it happen. I don't want to crush her very first independent costume idea. I looked online and found a toddler sized lobster costume. It was pretty cute, I must say. But it was 40 dollars! And thanks to the giant tail on the back it looked like it would be pretty darn hard for her to walk in it. It made me think of Donna Martin's (Tori Spelling's character on 90210) costume (or was it a dress?) in that one episode. You know, the one where she can barely walk let alone dance? I think Steve was her date and he so didn't want to be her date, because he was still pining after Kelly. And he was really jerky to poor unable to move Donna. Maybe you weren't an obsessed 90210 fan back in the day. But I was. And I remember the episode, and I want my daughter to be comfortable in her freakin' lobster costume. So guess what that means? It means I, Mama to a Diva, must become Crafty Mama to a Diva. I am so not crafty. I want to be crafty, I do. I love all things crafty. My mom is crafty. I should have gobs of the most crafty blood flowing through my veins. But I don't. I am going to try really hard though. I think that maybe, just maybe I can make this lobster thing happen. My step-brother has a lobster hat, so I am going to try to go from there. Maybe. If I was really crafty I wouldn't need his damn hat. I wouldn't be blogging right now, I would be sitting at a table, painstakingly creating big googly eyes and some fancy antennae. I still haven't totally decided about the use of the hat. I do know that I am taking this lobster seriously. As crafty as I am not, I want The Diva to not only have her lobster costume, but to have a cool lobster costume. That hopefully will resemble a lobster. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sneaky Little Diva

The Diva has had a cough for the majority of the week. With her asthma (as you with asthma or kids with asthma know), a cold can really make a lot of trouble. So we have been diligently administering her nebulizer treatments and staying on top of this cough. Earlier this afternoon The Diva told me she wasn't feeling well and she needed a drink. I said "Okay babe, as soon as we get home I will get you a big cup of water and you will feel better." To which she replied, " I am all better Mommy, I think I should have juice." Ah, kids.

The Car Ride Home

Last year it took The Diva and I about 45 minutes to an hour each way to work/the babysitter. This year it takes about 12-15 minutes each day. Of course this year, The Diva has sharpened her language skills and is EVEN more chatty. And random. And asking questions I don't know how to answer properly.
Today on the drive home The Diva asked me where Grandma D was. Grandma D passed away last January. The Diva had met her, talked to her on the phone, but I think her real knowledge of Grandma D is through pictures and us talking about her. I was really close to my Gram, and now being back close to family, it is hard hitting knowing that she is no longer here with us. So with Grandma D apparently on The Diva's mind our conversation went something like this:

The Diva: Where is Grandma D?
Me: In heaven honey.
The Diva: Oh. Rocky is in heaven too. (Our friend's dog who died this summer)
Me: Yes baby that's right.
The Diva: And Sue-Sue is in heaven too? (Our friend's elderly dog who passed away last week)
Me: Yes baby, Sue-Sue is in heaven too.
The Diva: Is Sue-Sue still sick in heaven?
Me: No, baby, Sue-Sue is all better in heaven, she is happy there.\
The Diva: Is Grandma D happy? Can I call her?
Me: (At this point I am trying not to cry) No baby, you can't call her.
The Diva: Can YOU call her?
Me: No baby I can't call her either.
The Diva: Are you sad Mommy? Why are you sad?
Me: I just miss Grandma D.
The Diva: I love you Mommy.

I didn't know that I would be having these conversations with a two year old. And it makes me realize all the hard talks and conversations to come. That I will probably screw up. That I don't think I will ever be ready for. How do you truly give a two year old answers that make sense about stuff like this? Anyone? Anyone?