Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grape Thief?

I just got back from a grocery shopping trip. It was not fun. I don't know why I decided to wait until late Sunday afternoon to go shopping. It was torture. The store was insane. And why, during a really busy time at the store, would they decide to stock the shelves in almost every aisle? Like it wasn't hard enough to manuever my way through the massess of people without the gigantic carts fill with products! Argh! Plus I had the Diva with me, and she was in a loud mood. I tried to hurry, but it was a nearly impossible task, since I could barely get around. When I finally got to the check-out counter I had started to relax. After all, the trip was about over, and the Diva was being particularly charming. As the cashier was ringing up my stuff, I see him toss my bag of grapes over to the bagger. The bag was closed when I put it on the counter, and somehow it was now open. Grape start tumbling out. The bagger just lets them tumble. I made a light-hearted comment to the Diva about the grapes running away. The cashier gathers the loose grapes up and goes to throw them away, and the bagger says something, and takes the grapes and puts them to the side. It was probably only about ten or so grapes, but still, I had just paid for those grapes. I am not sure how annoyed I should really be, but it bothered me. I guess I will have to keep being extra nice to Daddy-o so he can make the future shopping trips. No one would dare steal his grapes!

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