Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy moment

Today the Diva and I were ladies who lunch. We went with her daycare class on a field trip to the pumpkin patch and then the Diva insisted we go to McNasty's. I mean, well, you know where I mean. Since it is a rare occurrence I went with it. Anywho, while we were there a woman dining with her family kept smiling at the Diva. We took one final trip to the potty (where the Diva proclaimed she would wait and go at home), and passed the woman on the way out. She smiled and said " I just have to tell you that your daughter is so beautiful." This of course isn't what made me so happy. Of course I love a compliment as much as the next person. But over the span of the Diva's life, I have encountered so many "Is she yours?" "YOU'RE her mother?" type comments that it felt so good for someone to finally assume she was indeed my daughter. I've always found it odd that people are quick to think she isn't mine. I mean, sure she is a bit darker than I am, has totally different hair, but come on people, she looks like me! She does, I swear! Even the online thingy says that she looks equally like her mom and dad. It is always such a knock to my happy little world when someone makes one of those comments, even though most of the time they truly aren't trying to be offensive. But still it felt good for someone to see us as just a mom and daughter, which is exactly what we are.


C. Beth said...

That is VERY cool!!!

I am curious, does the Diva seem to have any awareness of race yet? As far as I know, Chickie doesn't. She's never said anything that makes me think she's aware that our society makes "race" distinctions at all. But then again, everyone in our little family is white (unfortunately, very white--do you think the Diva could loan me some color??) :)

Mama to a diva said...

The Diva doesn't seem to have any real awareness of race. She has said Daddy's skin is brown, and Mommy's skin is pink (hehehe) but that is about it. Because of our family make up, variety is the norm for her. I wonder how things will go down as she gets older. Hopefully we can raise her to appreciate her differences as well as everyone elses.
As for your other question, I would like some of the Diva's color myself!!! LOL