Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More on employment

I must add that I was uncharacteristically at ease for this job interview. It went better than I thought it would. I usually have major anxiety before, during and after a job interview and not even a good pill can fix it. I was witty, I was charming, I was quick with responses. And all of this after my car stalling on the way to the interview. Heck, I would have hired me. I also have to think that for some unknown reason I was meant to take this job. After all of the job searching and applying for jobs I have done, I actually applied for this job by mistake. It was listed as something else, so I applied and then got a call anyway and found out it wasn't the job I thought it was. So I guess, in the words of Robert Barone "It was meant to be". I hope.

I am now employed!

I got a job! It's totally not what I thought I would be doing, but I am kind of excited about that. I will be spending the year subbing in middle school. I am a little scared of middle schoolers, but please don't tell them. No classroom of my own, complete fly by the seat of my pants action. But I will be done working everyday at 2:45, when I can go scoop my diva up and let her run me ragged until she falls asleep. I start my new job Monday, so I am trying to work out the child care kinks. I am happy to be employed, and hopefully a full time job of my dreams will appear for the next school year. Since this year is a transition year for my family, I figure why not go with a crazy transition job. The school seems great and I really liked the principal and assistant principal. I felt very comfortable there. Thanks for the prayers!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Say a little prayer

If you are reading this please say a little prayer for me. I had a job interview today and I really, really want THIS job. If you don't pray, then just think happy, positive, hire Shannon thoughts. Please and thank you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Feel the Burn

I did it! I went to the dreaded Body Pump class. Guess what? I liked it! I could keep up! I was proud of myself! Now I hurt.

I decided to suck it up, be a woman, and go to the class like I had promised my bff. No excuses, and very little whining. But let me tell you, I thought I was going to either throw up or cry on the way to the class. Seriously. Instead of psyching myself up, I psyched myself out. I was sure I would fail, possibly die even. Adam Sandler's "They're all gonna laugh at you" played over and over again in my head. I questioned my attire, my body, my sanity.

I met my girl in the parking lot. She was so ready. I pretended to be ready. When it comes to best friends, this girl really knows how to play the role. She was supportive, and wouldn't let me be as neurotic as I wanted to be as we entered the gym, and then the class. The class was filled with people at a variety of fitness levels. So score one for my self-esteem. I wasn't the odd woman out. I was one of two newbies to the class. The instructor was pumptastic! I really liked her. Her energy was great, she was very encouraging, and she didn't make it all sound and seem like it was as easy as taking a breath. Because it wasn't.

The class started with "Ab Frenzy" After that 15 minutes of hell I was pretty much ready to proclaim myself exercised and hit the door. But no, the fun was just beginning. I lifted, I lunged, I crunched, and I did a whole lot of other things I wouldn't have imagined myself doing. But I did it, and I survived. I actually enjoyed it. I felt like I had accomplished something when I finished. I am actually looking forward to next week. And God bless my awesome, supportive bff. As we parted ways she said " I am so proud of you, you did such an awesome job!" Every girl needs that encouragement once in a while.

My fingers are about the only functioning body part right now. I am a bit concerned about running at 5 am. We'll see if I can lift my aching body out of the bed. Here's to hoping!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mid-Week Update and Such

I just did my weigh in for OSB (my newest life line). I have lost two little pounds. Gotta start somewhere I guess. I am sticking to working out and to the Couch to 5k plan. I found a frozen yogurt that I love, it is good for getting me through a must-have-something-sweet craving. I have also been chugging a big ole glass of the H2O every time I want to put something in my mouth. I am also a big fan of Honey Wheat Pretzel braids. I found a no name brand that are just as good as Rold Gold. (or however it's spelled).
I have battle wounds and everything to prove I have been exercising. Because I am in need of some new running shoes, my right heel barely has any skin left on it. It hurts! Also, my calves are tingly and achy and so it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. They do say no pain no gain, right?
Tonight I will indulge a bit. I am going to an actual ladies night. No, not at a seedy bar with drink specials (although that would be fun too). My cousin, who I haven't seen in years has invited me over to play. I am really excited to cut the cord for the night and be someone other than Mommy. Don't get me wrong, I love being Mommy. But a girl's got to get out every once in a while. It's so much easier for the husband to do it, since he knows I will always be here. I always have to put in some sort of effort and plead my case in order to get out on my own. I probably put a lot of that on myself (mommy guilt and all).
In closing- a dilemma. I foolishly told my dearest friend that I would attend her Body Pump Class with her tomorrow night. I am terrified. I know that she comes home from this class exhausted and in pain. And she goes every single week. She loves it! She wants me to love it too. I am afraid I am biting off more than I can chew. And I am scared to be the unfit girl in the class of Body Pump fanatics, looking all adorable and in shape in there work out gear. So, do I risk the chance of humiliation and pain and go to the class? Or do I fake illness or injury?

Monday, August 11, 2008

And I'm off!

Today I started the Couch to 5k program. So that makes today day one. I am impressed with myself for a few reasons.
1) I dragged my butt out of bed at 5:00 am this morning to exercise.
2) I ran today. I actually ran. Sure it was only 60 seconds at a time, but for me it is an accomplishment of sorts.
3) Did I mention I was exercising at 5:00 am? This is kind of a big deal.

I have been wanting to get back into a workout routine, but I have had some legitimate and not so legitimate reasons for not pushing myself to actually do it. The biggest factor was The Diva. I don't get alone time. Ever. Or at least hardly ever. I have showered alone, without anyone in the room exactly two times this month. Every other time I had a little person on the other side of the curtain asking me if I was playing with her toys. I decided I had to just bite the bullet and do something. The Husband leaves for work at 6:45 every day, so I figured if I get up in the wee hours of the morning, while everyone is still asleep, I can have my workout. I've tried walking with The Diva in the stroller, but to me my exercise time really needs to be ME TIME! When I was a single, childless gal, I worked out every day. Sometimes I would let myself have Sundays off, but it was a part of my routine that was so important to my mental and physical health. You could find me every day after work in my apartment complex fitness center sweating away to BET's Rap City. I miss those days a little. Everything changes when you get married, and then again when you have children. But if I am going to revert back to something from my single days why not let it be the healthy parts?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

She's endless entertainment

My favorite pic of the week.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ball Pit, or Death Trap?

Today we went to a birthday party at a local Pizza, Mini Golf, Arcade Type Place. The Diva was overjoyed. Pizza, cake, a slinky that took 5 dollars to win, and the ball pit. She was having a fabulous time in the ball pit, and lucky for me her six year old cousin was willing to be her playmate while I watched happily from the outside. Until I hear five words I so didn't want to hear. "Mommy, my foot is stuck!" I look at The Diva, and sure enough her foot has managed to get stuck in a gap between the landing and the ball pit. And not just stuck- twisted at a weird angle and stuck. Now, the entrance to the ball pit is an awkward shaped tunnel on either side of the pit. So I make a bee-line for an entrance and hustle my anything-but-tiny rear through the tunnel, dive into the ball pit, and wade my way to my child in distress. A random dad, who was also on the outside went at The Diva from the other entrance. Thank God he did, because I don't know that I would have gotten her foot out without his help. And I am positive that the longer it took, the more I would have freaked. Poor Diva screamed everytime I touched her foot. I wasn't sure what the best method of getting her unstuck was, so I went with the wiggle and pull method. I just wanted that damn foot out, and my child in one, unbroken piece. The random dad sort of pushed on the landing and the side of the ball pit. I am not sure if he really moved it much, but his effort was appreciated. I freed my child, unscathed except for a rip in her sock and a dent on her toe. I reported the incident to the staff. I really don't think there should be weird gaps in play structures like that. They assured me that they would look into it, and if it couldn't be remedied immediately, that the ball pit would be shut down until it was fixed. I kind of want to go back and make sure they did what they said, but I am not sure if I am overreacting or not. The Diva was immediately back to her bossy self, asking to go down the slide, so I guess it won't scar her for life or anything.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Date Night?

This morning my mother informed me that she is taking my 3 year old nephew overnight tomorrow night. Her plan is to rent a toddler friendly movie and have a slumber party in her family room with The Diva and my nephew. More power to her! Because of her brilliant idea, I had one of my own. My husband and I could actually have a date night! We really don't see each other much lately, when he isn't working we are sleeping. So, I tell the husband "Hey, we can have a date night tomorrow night!" To which he replies, "Why?" Not the response I was hoping for, but it didn't surprise me much. I think he was just shocked that we may spend more than ten minutes awake together- ALONE. I told him if he didn't want to go on a date I would just ask someone else. (Joking of course). He agreed to accompany me somewhere. Our date night probably won't be anything fancy. I'd like to go see a movie, but I am not sure I can resist the tempatation of ordering a movie theatre sized ginormous bucket of cherry coke! The popcorn with it's dangerously delicious yet pretty nasty butter flavored topping may be tempting too. I just can't win.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I need my hearing checked

I could have sworn The Diva just asked me if I was a "scary drunk". I had her repeat herself, and it turns out she actually asked me if I was a "scary troll". She has had this thing for trolls lately. It can be attributed to the story of the "Three Billy Goats Gruff". I felt much better when I realized I misheard her. I mean, there have probably been times when I have been a scary drunk, but not in a really, really long time. And why would she know the word "drunk" anyway? I am glad we got that cleared up. This entry is done. The Diva has just informed me that she "needs to dance", so I must make this happen.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Good Bye Soda

Today I start my new no soda rule. I have tried this before, but I really need to make some changes. So good bye Dr. Pepper, Gingerale, Coca-Cola and your fruity sister Cherry Coke. It's been real. Really bad. I am taking baby steps to a healthier me, since when I go to extremes nothing sticks for a long time. So for now soda is out and daily cardio is in. Here goes nothing.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oh Man

The Diva now uses the "It's not dark out yet" spiel to try to get out of going to bed. Where the heck did she learn this?