Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Car Ride Home

Last year it took The Diva and I about 45 minutes to an hour each way to work/the babysitter. This year it takes about 12-15 minutes each day. Of course this year, The Diva has sharpened her language skills and is EVEN more chatty. And random. And asking questions I don't know how to answer properly.
Today on the drive home The Diva asked me where Grandma D was. Grandma D passed away last January. The Diva had met her, talked to her on the phone, but I think her real knowledge of Grandma D is through pictures and us talking about her. I was really close to my Gram, and now being back close to family, it is hard hitting knowing that she is no longer here with us. So with Grandma D apparently on The Diva's mind our conversation went something like this:

The Diva: Where is Grandma D?
Me: In heaven honey.
The Diva: Oh. Rocky is in heaven too. (Our friend's dog who died this summer)
Me: Yes baby that's right.
The Diva: And Sue-Sue is in heaven too? (Our friend's elderly dog who passed away last week)
Me: Yes baby, Sue-Sue is in heaven too.
The Diva: Is Sue-Sue still sick in heaven?
Me: No, baby, Sue-Sue is all better in heaven, she is happy there.\
The Diva: Is Grandma D happy? Can I call her?
Me: (At this point I am trying not to cry) No baby, you can't call her.
The Diva: Can YOU call her?
Me: No baby I can't call her either.
The Diva: Are you sad Mommy? Why are you sad?
Me: I just miss Grandma D.
The Diva: I love you Mommy.

I didn't know that I would be having these conversations with a two year old. And it makes me realize all the hard talks and conversations to come. That I will probably screw up. That I don't think I will ever be ready for. How do you truly give a two year old answers that make sense about stuff like this? Anyone? Anyone?

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C. Beth said...

It sounds like you did a great job, spoke to her honestly and on her level. I'm so sorry about Grandma D. :(