Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The little things

This week has been a bit lousy. My migraine refuses to completely let go. A dear, dear friend lost her mom this week (she was a dear friend too). My heart has been broken for our friends and their family and I have felt sad for three days. The Diva's asthma won't be nice, and her stupid nebulizer broke, so I had to make magic happen to get a new one so the poor girl can breathe. And then, tonight, my sweet sweet girl layed her favorite blanket down in the middle of the floor, sat down and said, "Mommy, would you like to join me for a picnic?" Her sweet voice, and her precious eager eyes made me forget for a little while about the things that have been causing me stress. We had imaginary fried chicken, salad, lemonade and lollipops for dessert. It didn't add any calories to my day, and I was able take a break from feeling so crappy and remember how good God is, and how blessed I really am.


C. Beth said...

What a wonderful, sweet post. I'm really, really sorry about your and your friend's loss. I'm thrilled that The Diva could remind you to relax and be thankful!

Anonymous said...

Shannon, this is such a nice reflection. It touched me so much reading it this afternoon and put me a much better mood. It's amazing how much those little moments make such big impressions upon us...I hope to be able to cherish these as much as possible.

morewineplease said...

this is so sweet! and you are so right, we are very blessed!