Sunday, June 15, 2008

Off We Go

Tomorrow is the day. Our move becomes complete. Our family heads to Vermont. The last few days have been foggy. Or blurry. Or something. It seems unreal that the day is here and we will actually be uprooting our lives and starting fresh. Really fresh. I am talking unemployed and homeless (well we do have a temporary place to stay). Nothing has come through for us on the job front just yet, but we are hoping that when we are up close and personal no one will be able to resist our talent, our charm, our need to work in order to avoid living on the street. I am hopeful that this will be the case. We have left what is comfortable to us to make a better life for ourselves, our daughter, and any future children we are blessed with. We will have lots of family near by ( and at this moment I am considering that a bonus, check in for a status report in about a month). When I look at what I want for our children, Florida just doesn't have it. Again, I may sing a different tune in 20 below weather while shoveling snow this winter. But we'll see. Anyway, Vermont here we come!!!

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doodlebelle said...

A Poem from my heart:

So you have decided to move
I hope that everything goes smooth.
No money, no home, no job
A bank you could always rob.
Oh- no! that's the whole point
no more crime except the occasional joint.
You're leaving the prostitutes and murders behind
A new life you're hoping to find.
When the snow comes you might change your mind.

Love Ya