Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Private Body

The diva has two obsessions as of recently- singing happy birthday to anyone and anything ALL OF THE TIME, and streaking naked through the house shouting "I am totally naked". I am not sure whether to be amused, or concerned. For now amused works, as long as we don't have guests. As far as the damn happy birthday song, We go through this entire routine, she decides who I have to sing happy birthday to, we sing, she produces a cake of some sort (yesterday she made one by stacking her hair products on top of one another), then the candles are blown out and we move on to the next person, or item that needs the happy birthday song. Last night the two obsessions met in a weird and funny way. The diva has been proving to us since birth that she is indeed her own person, with the strangest little quirks.

Last night, Daddy-o's friend Jeremy (Uncle Jeremy) spent the night here so they could get up before dawn and get on the road for the Green Mountain State (The Diva and I will follow by plane this evening). The Diva loves Uncle Jeremy and spent the evening glued to his side showing off like only she can. I was washing her up, getting ready for bed and she made a naked beeline for the family room and her audience. I steered her back to the bathroom and said "Diva, we don't show people our private bodies". To which the diva replied, to the tune of happy birthday "Happy Birthday, private body, happy birthday to you!" She truly kills me. As I told my husband, she was in her birthday suit, so it was somewhat appropriate, right? Right?

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Carol Beth said...

My daughter likes the Happy Birthday song, too, and it's fun to hear who she wants to sing it to. We aren't dealing with the streaking though (yet!)