Thursday, June 11, 2009


Is the last day of school. My summer job doesn't officially start until the end of June, so I get a little stay-cation. Since I have to pay for daycare whether Diva goes or not, I am thinking these days will be a combo of Mommy-Diva days, and Save Mommy's Sanity Days. I have a hard time sending Diva to daycare when I am not working. I cherish my time with her so much, but I have come to the realization that I am still a person, not just Diva's mommy. Sometimes I need a break. Sometimes I need to get things done. And I don't have to feel guilty about these things. I am still working on the feeling guilty part, but I need to take breaks where I can get them, since Daddy-o's work schedule doesn't provide me with much Diva help. I'm planning on applying for more jobs, hopefully going on some interviews (God willing), and going to the gym and a reasonable hour instead of 4:40 am. I am also looking into swim lessons for Diva, and other fun, exciting, summer opportunities for the two of us. This summer there are some really cool things going on in our little city. Right now the annual Jazz Fest is going on, and while there are some great concerts you can pay to see, there are also tons of opportunities for listening to great, free music. The Diva and I got a little taste downtown yesterday and we loved it. She danced her little feet off. Here's to a great summer!

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Special K said...

Awesome- so excited for you. My kids LOVED downtown this week. It's this incredible age of discovery.