Thursday, January 8, 2009

Freakin' little tiny shoes

One of the Diva's favorite Christmas gifts was a gift from Grammy. It is a set of Disney Princess Doll's and accessories, kind of similar to Polly Pocket. The Diva wants to play with them all the time, which means I have to play with them all the time. My biggest complaint about these darn dolls is their shoes. Who thought shoes the size of a flea were a good idea? Guess who gets to cram Cinderella's feet into the microscopic glass slipper? Dear Old Mommy. I don't even mind putting the shoes on the little princesses as much as I mind losing the shoes. We are constantly losing shoes. Luckily many have reappeared, but some are lost forever, and I fear there won't be a handsome prince coming to return them any time soon. My handsome prince is more likely to suck them up in the vacuum cleaner. ( Which is what I think happened to a little white shoe). So, are Diva and I really expected to put Cinderella in a white dress with pink, purple, brown, or blue shoes? It's making me crazy. Do your children have a toy that just drives you batty?

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C. Beth said...

I hate having to be so careful about choking hazards with a baby in the house. Wait, what am I saying? Honestly I'm NOT that careful. I let Zoodle chew on things he totally shouldn't, just having faith that the little wheels on the Hot Wheels car won't come off. (And hopefully they won't.) But certain toys are just put away...tiny Barbie shoes, if we had any, would fit in that category.