Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I carried a watermelon

Okay now, I know you are out there, so I want readers- commenters and blurkers alike to please comment on this post. I went out to brunch with my mom, the Diva, and my cousin C. C and I are six months apart and grew up together. C and I were talking about those "I carried a watermelon" moments. If you've seen Dirty Dancing you know what I'm talking about. And if you haven't seen Dirty Dancing then go watch it RIGHT NOW!!! So I'd like you to share your best "I carried a watermelon" moment. When you had every intention of saying something really cool and clever, but what came out of your mouth was anthing but.

I'll give you one of mine, there have been several throughout the years. When I was in college, I was hanging out outside the dorm one night with my friends. A cute guy that lived in our dorm came up and was talking about his experience at the county fair. I went to college in a little tiny town, where the county fair was a sight to behold. Cute dorm guy told us he milked a cow. We chatted a bit, and as he was getting ready to leave I said, "I'm glad you had a great milking experience!" Who the hell says such a stupid thing? A great milking experience? I was tormented my friends about it until someone else did or said something silly.
Come on now, share away!!!


Bri said...

Too funny!

I am almost positive I have had many of those moments but my mush for brains won't allow me to remember them. Is this one... I am on the phone talking to someone and I say, "Where is my phone?" DUR! I'm on it! LoL

Mama to a diva said...

That one works for sure Bri!

doodlebelle said...

OK girl, I have been racking my brain for the dumbest thing I've ever said, and I can't believe it, I am drawing a blank. Yup, I'm obviously perfect, and never say the stupid stuff.

Alissa said...

My moment! My husband and I were shopping for new furniture for our condo when we first got married. We had a huge living area so we wanted to get a sectional couch. I walked into the furniture and instead of looking around I decided to ask. I found the sales person and said, "Do you have any sexual couch's?" OMG I was so embarrased! To make matters worse, Tony was strolling behind and said look at this, he was sitting in a black leather vibrating recliner. I looked at him and started cracking up and said, Lets go!!!! That moment and the look on that ladies face I will never forget!!!

Mama to a diva said...

Oh wow Alissa! That is so awesome. I am laughing so hard I have real tears and everything!!!! Thanks for sharing!

And Heidi, I know you're perfect ( I actually think you might not be human living the life you do), but there's got to be something! Come on now, think. Ask Rick, I bet he could come up with something!

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

omg, ha, that is pretty bad, ha.

doodlebelle said...

Alissa, that is AWESOME!!! That just cracked me up. Tooooo funny. I have a truly idiotic moment, it was a thing I did though. Instead of said. You know we have a car-lot, and I sometimes switch cars on a regular basis. I was in the driver's seat in the parking lot, and Rick, a mechanic, and a customer were standing outside the car, on the passenger-side. I needed to tell Rick something, and went to roll down the window. I realized that the windows weren't electric, they were the old-fashioned rolling kind. So there I was, rolling and rolling, and screaming through the closed window "Why wont it roll down?!" I couldn't figure out why they were all laughing at me until Rick opened the door and said "When you are manually rolling windows down, you actually have to reach over to the passenger side to roll down the passenger side window." Yup. I was crazily rolling down the driver's side window, not understanding why the passenger side wouldn't go down.

I am sure I will think of a better one. Although I got picked on about that for quite some time.

C. Beth said...

Alissa's is hilarious.

Bri's reminded me of something I did very recently. We were somewhere with quite a few people and had been playing "pass the baby"--you know, various people holding Zoodle for me. I realized someone who'd been holding him had left, and I didn't know where he was. I got that little panicky feeling and said, "Where's Zoodle?"

The Engineer gave me the weirdest look...and I realized I was holding Zoodle, nursing him.