Monday, February 23, 2009

New pets

Yesterday I suggested to Daddy-o that maybe we should get The Diva a fish. This was sort of a bad idea. Not the fish part, but the telling Daddy-o part. I should have mapped out a clear plan for the purchase of a pet fish. Daddy-o is one of the most impulsive people I know. He also thinks big. He takes a simple idea and makes in ginormous (and expensive). I thought getting a fish for The Diva would mean a bowl, a plant, some rocks, some food and a betta. Daddy-o had other plans. As soon as I suggested the purchase, he was urging me to get ready so we could go fish shopping. Then he got on the computer and found the tank he wanted to buy. I had no plans for a tank. Again, bowl + fish= good enough for me. The Diva would have thought it was just as cool. She's three. Then, we had to hurry off to Walmart to purchase the tank. The Diva had her eye on a kid friendly Sesame Street tank ( I was routing for her, it was cheaper), but Daddy-o won out. Then we had to coordinate the rocks and the accessories. Finally, we got to the actual fish buying part. The Diva picked two fish, and named them Goldie ( I am a little disappointed in her lack of creativity), and Maddy. For a minute she wanted to name one of them "Jude", but then changed her mind. I was hoping Jude would stick, as proof of my rubbing a love of The Beatles off on her. No such luck. When we got home Daddy-o immediately went to work on assembling his tank. I mean, The Diva's tank. I told The Diva I was going to keep the fish in the kitchen while we waited for their new home. To which she replied, "Are you making fish stew?" What was disturbing about this for me was that she said it so calmly. As if she didn't care if I made her new pets our dinner. Goldie and Maddy are now living happily in their tank in The Diva's room. They are safe from becoming fish stew. The Diva is loving feeding them and watching their fishy actions. All is well in The Diva house.


WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

we got a fish last July and I am surprised it is still alive, ha.

greygillfish said...

Ohh, I keep meaning to post my fish story. It is a funny one. I hope your goldfish doesn't turn out like ours...stay tuned.

You story is so funny. I hope Goldie and Maddie stay healthy and happy. Congrats on your new family members.

Schmoochiepoo said...

The fish always start off cheap and easy,then you look at your 80gallon tank, with a crap load of expensive fish, heaters, PH balancers and other assorted chemicals and wonder how that evolved from a .99cent goldfish.

Hope the Diva enjoys them :)