Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Diva ponders taking a husband

The Diva is sick today. I got a call to come get her at daycare. She was running a low grade fever and fell asleep during free play time. This alarmed her teacher, since The Diva is rarely quiet or still, let alone narcoleptic. I hurried to scoop up my poor sick baby. Mama hates having a poor sick baby, it hurts the heart. She seems a bit better now, I have given her some Motrin and am being extra indulgent. She is now watching Noggin while lying on the couch completely naked. She insists that being naked makes her feel better. She is covered up with a blanket, that had to be tan so that it would match the belly of her beloved stuffed Rottie, Zeus.

So, recently Diva and I were hanging out, talking about life and she said, (out of nowhere) "I want to be a mommy someday. So I am going to need a husband. I want Daddy to be my husband."I know this is common for little girls, but hello awkwardness! I escaped this conversation by saying Daddy could only be my husband, and that I was sure she would find her own wonderful husband someday.

A few days later she was on to talking about other people's husbands. Namely, my sister in law's. It went down like this:

Diva- Is Uncle Auntie's husband?
Me- Yes.
Diva- Who is Grandma's husband?
Me- Well, Grandma doesn't have a husband.
Diva- Oh, so does Auntie share her husband with Grandma?

Way to go Diva! Just keep setting me up for weird conversations. I am sure as she gets older she will have a better understanding of such matters, but for now she thinks she can marry her daddy and that sharing husbands is an okay thing to do.


greygillfish said...

HA! Thanks for the laugh...that was hillarious. Hope Diva feels better soon.

Thanks for the birthday wishes as well. :)

Shan said...

Good stuff! I hope she's all better soon... clothing optional, of course.

Our daughter wants to be nekkie all the time lately, too, but she's still in a diaper, so it's not gonna happen too often or for too long just yet.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

That was too funny...Love your blog...