Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back to the grind

I return to work tomorrow, and Diva returns to daycare. Our house guest leaves tomorrow. I feel cheated out of this vacation, mostly due to the fact that I spent the majority of my time with an ice pack over my head, trying to cure my migraine with a variety of over the counter pain medications. Tonight I told D that I wanted to start putting some money away toward "Mama's Tropical Vacation Fund". He asked me if I was planning this trip for just myself. I was including him in the little plan in my head, but I wouldn't mind running away to a beautiful island alone either. I'd come back! I got sucked in to The Bachelor, and now all I can think about is being in an ocean side pool in St. Lucia. I really can't stop thinking about it. Close your eyes, and picture yourself somewhere warm, tropical, and stress free. Isn't that nice?

Back to reality! I hope every one's weeks are full of happiness and void of stress!

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greygillfish said...

Yes, St. Lucia is definitely on my list now! It looked incredible. Of course I would like to have Tinley's body before going there. HA!

I hope you are feeling better.