Monday, March 1, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

I am going to apologize in advance. Due to having a houseguest (big fake smile here), our meal plan changed a little bit last week. So, some meals look like repeats, but we just haven't eaten them yet. I also have maybe flipped some side dishes around. Who knows? I like to live dangerously.

Monday- Teriyaki pork tenderloin, buttered noodles, spinach

Tuesday- Shepherd's pie

Wednesday- Spanish rice casserole (a new recipe I am excited to try)

Thursday- Goulash, salad, maybe garlic bread

Friday- Kielbasa, macaroni and cheese, and carrots (Diva's favorite dinner, perfect for a Friday-I don't really want to cook but I will-meal)

1 comment:

Shan said...

Sounds good. Let us know how the Spanish rice casserole turns out.