Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My little schemer

I am getting sick of cleaning The Diva's room. There's a place for everything, and she knows where everything goes. Nonetheless, she continues to toss things around with no regard for putting them where they belong. She has been asking to have a friend over for a play date, and I keep telling her that she can't until she can keep her room clean.

Fast forward a few weeks. We were in the car, and Diva says (all in one breath), "Mom, can Eric come over for a play date?He said he'd clean my room."

So, if she's already figured out how to sweet talk a friend into cleaning her room, what kinds of schemes am I going to have to worry about when she's a teenager?


greygillfish said...

HA! That is hysterical...even better that she can get a boy to clean! Can she scheme my husband?

Shan said...

Sweet!!! My husband's asleep, but he will *roll* when he hears this. His favorite book is Huckleberry Finn, and she is straight out of there! LOL

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Um.. Sounds like you might be cleaning the room.