Monday, April 5, 2010

A beautiful Saturday, and two strand twists

Saturday here in Vermont was ridiculously beautiful. We're talking sunshine and 80 degree weather, a rariety in early April here. When we got out and about, it was shocking to see so many people out walking, biking, etc. You forget other people live here when everyone is hunkered down for the bitter cold winter.

I wanted Diva to have a twist out for her Easter hair style, so Saturday morning I did two strand twists all over her head. This was the first time I had done twists all over, and I must say I LOVE THIS HAIR STYLE. It took us about two hours to complete. I recently bought some new hair products, and after conditioning Diva's hair with Darcy's Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner, I detangled her hair and got to work. Detangling was super easy after using the pumpkin seed conditioner. I love this stuff! I used the DB Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme to do Diva's twists. The styling creme is another big hit here in the Blitenotwhack househould. I'm just loving these products and can't wait to try more!

While I was twisting Diva's hair, I had an emotional moment. Diva turned her little head toward me and said, "I want to watch you do this Mommy, so that someday when I have a little girl, I will know how to do her hair just like you do mine." Ack, I get teared up just typing that. Call me a dork if you will, but something about that just really got to me. It lets me know that deep down somewhere, Diva is learning about the love and importance I place on taking good care of her hair. As a biracial woman, Diva's hair will play a large part in her self image. I strive for it to be a positive one. I love her natural hair, and I want her to love it too!!

The twists got rave reviews all day long. I wasn't sure whether to feel insulted or flattered when people assumed she got her hair done at a salon. (I went with flattered!). Stay tuned for pics of her Easter Sunday twist out. We will definitely be rocking twists again soon!!

A back view of her twists
I love the confidence in this picture

I promise you she's not sad here, just being her usual dramatic self

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Shan said...

Oh, I almost sprung a tear, too, when I read what she'd said. And that last photo does not look sad... she looks *sassy* (I think that should be pronounced "sasseh" for maximum effect.)