Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dead computers, meal plans, and snow. Oh my!

Our computer decided to lay down and die, for no apparent reason (D, of course, blames me). This of course, is driving me batty. I am blogging right now from my mom's house. When I was a teenager, the parents being out of town led to plans of debauchery, now I am just happy to be able to come over and do my laundry, and use the computer.

So, because the computer failed me last week, I didn't post a meal plan. We had a pretty tasty week too. Just in case you care, or are looking for new ideas, our meals last week were: Swedish Meatballs over farfalle pasta, curry rice soup, cajun chicken quesadillas, and spanish rice casserole. We ate pizza downtown on Tuesday night, before going to see Sesame Street Live (it was great!).

This week on the menu:
Monday: Chicken alfredo and garlic toast
Tuesday- Pork chops, rice, green beans
Wednesday- Cajun catfish, cauliflower, and garlic mashed potatoes
Thursday- Chicken, broccoli and rice skillet
Friday- Tacos (per Diva's request)

Diva and I are on vacation this week, I do not have a migraine (so far), and we have no house guest, unlike our February break. I am enjoying my time with Diva, she is such an amazing (and exhausting) girl. We spent the whole day outside yesterday enjoying a beautiful sunny day. Today, it is snowing. Yes, a few short days away from May, and it is snowing big, wet, sloppy flakes. Thank goodness for the library, lunch at the mall, and our plan to bake this afternoon. Let's hope we get a little more sunshine and warm weather soon!!!

Have a marvelous week!


greygillfish said...

It was cold here yesterday too, but I can't believe it is snowing there today. WOW! Enjoy your week with the Diva. Can't wait to hear all about your fun filled days.

Shan said...

We haven't had any snow in the past six weeks or so, but last week we went from the low 80's to mid-40's during the day.

We're not having any computer problems here (more than usual, anyway), but I'm still so far behind. Here's to catching up, soon!

Hope you had a lovely break with Diva.