Sunday, April 4, 2010

Super Easy Hair Style

Because I work full time, and Diva plays hard, many of the hair styles I do on her hair start with 4 parts. Once I have done the work of parting, I can use the parts as a starting point and change things up throughout the week. This hair style is done by starting with 4 braids. I then take the bottom braids and bring them up to the front of the top braids, attaching them to the top hair elastics. Then, I take the top braids, and hook them in the back. I like to use a colorful knocker, but you can really dress this hairstyle up or down depending on the accessories you use.

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Shan said...


With Mad's hair we just try to make sure it's out of her eyes, haha. She'll be two in a week, and I'm hoping we can get her first haircut done on Friday. I assume it will involve lots of screaming and carrying on... from one of us. We'll see.