Tuesday, December 9, 2008


When the Diva was teeny tiny, I was constantly saying things like " you're so pretty", "you're so beautiful". My mom. ever the feminist, told me I should compliment not only her looks but her intelligence and personality as well. So I started saying things like "Oh Diva, you are so beautiful.... and smart." Well folks, the lesson I keep learning over and over again is that she is really paying attention.
A few days ago we were getting ready to go somewhere and the Diva and I were both in the bathroom. I was looking in the mirror and I said "Ugh, I look so crumby". Diva said, "Mom what does crumby mean?" I said, "well crumby means yucky Diva." To which she replied, "Mommy, you are not crumby. You are beautiful. And smart." I will cherish these ego boosters now while she still likes me. In about ten years or so I will make her read this to remind her that she once was my biggest fan.

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