Saturday, December 6, 2008

Middle School Dance

Last night I had the pleasure of chaperoning the school dance. And I do mean pleasure. It was so very entertaining. It brought back so many memories, made me feel old, and gave me a whole new outlook on the students I teach everyday. It allowed me to see them in a whole different light. I must say that last night I found middle schoolers to be more adorable than kindergartners. I got the fun job of manning the crowd that had arrived before it was time for the dance to begin. There was so much energy, and I got to observe some really interesting wardrobe choices. There were several young ladies in denim mini skirts; not exactly appropriate attire for standing outside in 20 degree weather. There appears to be a trend of really tiny (barely butt-covering) ruffled skirts worn over leggings. There was crew of girls in jeans and tiny tank tops, and another groups of girls in skirts and ties. Oh how fashion has changed since my middle school years of tight-rolled, stone-washed jeans and big hair. I don't know if it's just me, but there seemed to be a lot more dancing going on when I was in middle school. Sure there was dancing, but there was also a whole lot of standing around. The sixth graders seemed a lot less inhibited than the older kids.
Overall it was a good time. I think any time I need a good flashback, I'll just volunteer to chaperone a school dance again. I might as well get my time in now, when the diva is in middle school I doubt she will want me lurking in shadows of the loud, dark, gymnasium while she tries to get her groove on.