Monday, December 22, 2008

Doctor's Office and Emergency Room in the same day

My poor poor Diva. She is all kinds of sick. Saturday I noticed she was sneezy and getting a cough. This always puts me on high alert because of her asthma. A little cold is no little cold for the Diva. Ever. She seemed to be in pretty good spirits and we had tickets to the Nutcracker, so we went. She had a fabulous time. But, by 7 p.m she was burning up with a temp of 102.9. I gave her meds and watched her like a hawk all night, her cough was horrendous, and we were doing her neb treatments every four hours. Sunday (yesterday) was worse. Fever down, but cough was still pretty intense. So we kept up the meds on all fronts. Throughout all this Diva had no appetite at all. Today Daddy-O stayed home with her and we had a doctor visit. On top of her asthma issues, the poor baby has a double ear infection. Funny thing though, the doctor said the ear infection seemed to be taking care of itself. Diva was in pretty good spirits at the Dr's office, and was fine at home, but coughing a little bit. Then suddenly she had the worst asthma attack I have ever seen her have. It was terrifying. She was smack in between neb treatments, so I wasn't sure what to do. Her breathing was insanely rapid, she was choking, wheezing and gasping for breath. I can't even write this without getting emotional about it. We rushed out the door to the emergency room. They administered more albuterol, and told us we were right to bring her to the ER. Her oxygen levels were back in a safe zone, so they let us bring her home. She still has a low grade temp, and now we are on Pneumonia watch. If the temp remains for the next 48 hours, back to the Dr. we have to go. She is now sleeping somewhat soundly in her bed. I grew up with asthma but I don't remember it being as scary to me as it is to watch my sweet baby girl struggling to breath. Thank You God, for looking out for our girl. Ugh, can't write anymore.


Alissa said...

I hope she is feeling better soon! How scary!

C. Beth said...

Oh, no!! I am so sorry. I pray that neither of you will have to go through that again and that her asthma will just go away. I can't imagine. :(

Becky said...

How scary! I hope she feels better soon!