Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Overcoming anxiety and workin' on my fitness!

So, I joined Planet Fitness! Yay me right? Except for the fact that I joined Planet Fitness online, on Martin Luther King Day. I had yet to actually go and use my membership. I wanted to, really I did. But I've got issues. Not issues with working out, not issues with what people think of me, but issues with actually going to the gym for the first time. I get major anxiety over things I do for the first time. It's ridiculous and kind of all consuming. Today I finally sucked it up and went, and the world didn't come to an end. I just did some cardio while losing myself in some old school rap on my mp3 player, and I felt so great when I got done. I am hoping to get into a routine of going at least every week day. It's going to require some real discipline on my part, since the only time that works for me to go without worrying about The Diva is the absolute crack of dawn. Actually, slightly before dawn. We'll see how it goes.


Shan said...

Yay YOU!

I joined the gym about... oh... nine years ago. For the better part of the past three years, I figure I'm just supporting someone's job. I should go back. I know it. And Mad is old enough now that I don't have to feel guilty about not being there to nurse if she needs it. I have no anxiety about going (and maybe a little about not going), but I still haven't made the effort. So I'm thinking you're extra awesome right now.

doodlebelle said...

Yay Mama! You rock.