Sunday, March 15, 2009


It is a beautiful day today and The Diva and I spent a big chunk of time at the park. I am hopeful that spring is really coming, and it's not just a vicious rumor.

The Diva told me she had to use the bathroom, and then snuck off and climbed in bed for a nap. I guess the park did her in.

The Diva seems to be feeling a lot better, hence our trip to the park. We have a follow up appointment with her Dr. tomorrow. Of course it's dead smack in the middle of the morning, making my day crazy, but at least we have a proactive Dr. who wants to check on her progress.

Daddy-O has been really irritating me more often than not this past week. I love him but he is really testing that love right now.

I will be 31 in one week and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Surprisingly I love going to the gym, even at 4:45 am.

I've become addicted to placing holds on books I want to read at the library, and then stalking my account page to see if I have jumped up in line at all.

I'm thinking about purchasing a kettlebell.

Last night I went to a girl's night with my mom at my step-father's ex-wife's house. The Diva is going to be in her wedding in May. That's how we roll. When my mom dropped me off at home, she waited until I got in the house to drive away. It reminded me that I'm still somebody's little girl.

I've thanked God several times today for such a beautiful relaxing Sunday.


Just Me said...

aww, I'm glad she is feeling better! I'm ready for Spring & Summer :)

greygillfish said...

That was a heart-warming post.

31 is not bad!

Glad the diva is feeling better!