Sunday, July 20, 2008

The diva loves Obama too!

Let me start this post by saying that our family supports Barack Obama in upcoming presidential election. While he is our candidate of choice, I respect the views and opinions of others.
Now, I may have mentioned that my mother is a tad obsessed with Mr. Obama. Now it seems my daughter is as well, and I have no idea where her passion came from. Is Grammy making her watch the drudge report when we aren't around, filling her in on the election and why Barack Obama is the best choice for president? Could be.
I discovered the diva's love of Obama this afternoon. I was spending some time on YouTube, watching some videos of the Obama Girl, Obama dancing on Ellen, etc. (Okay, so I could be slightly obsessed too). The diva came in and climbed on my lap. When she saw the potential president dancing on Ellen, she said "Mommy look, it's MY Barack Obama!" I got a little chuckle. Then I switched to a video of a dance-off between President Bush and Barack Obama (all in fun, of course). When Bush appeared on the screen, the diva exclaimed, "NO Mommy, I don't like that man. I want Barack Obama! Where is MY Barack Obama???" Clearly the child is a genius. Or at least a devoted democrat.


doodlebelle said...

Yeah!!! SO glad the Diva has such good taste. You are obviously doing an amazing job of parenting. Keep up the good work.

Mommy Vern said...

Your daughter obviously knows how to read them. Obama Mamas unite!

Carol Beth said...

Now I think that is adorable...and I'm not even an Obama fan. :)