Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just a plug

I've spent the last two years trying to find the best way to take care of The Diva's hair. Our little darling was fortunate enough to inherit every ounce of thickness and curl from both her father and I. Daddy-o took this shot of the back of her head a few weeks ago, it doesn't really do it total justice, but you get the idea of just how thick her hair is.
So after trying many products, I have found nothing I like better than the CurlyQ line which can be found at
The products are organic and the line was originally geared toward multi-racial hair, but the products really work for all curlies! Since using the products The Diva's hair has been so much more hydrated and easy to manage. I LOVE IT!!!

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Mommy Vern said...

WOW, Check out that head of hair! And I thought I had thick hair! :) I bet detanging it is a mess. My sister (who is 9 years younger than me) used to get the worst tangles in her hair as a child due to her curls. She would throw fits as I tried my best to salvage her hair and keep her from pain. Too bad we didn't have that product way back when!