Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's a mother to do?

The Diva is exerting her independence, sense of humor, intelligence and bad attitude. All wrapped up in one delightful ball of joy. I try to be a good mom and as a teacher I thought I had mastered some effective discipline techniques. As a teacher of early elementary school, I have encountered many rude behaviors. Never though, have a dealt with the behavior that the diva has most recently exhibited. The diva acts up on occasion, as a two year old will do. As the "good mommy" I get down on her level and while speaking in a calm, even tone, I attempt to let her know that her behavior is not acceptable. So what has my charming daughter done to me TWO times now when I have tried to discipline her? She cocks her head to the side, closes her eyes, and SNORES! Like she just can't be bothered with me and what I am saying is so boring that it induces narcolepsy. So how do you explain that this behavior is wrong when I am already trying to deal with some other inappropriate behavior? My answer was a time out. Is this wrong? Who knows? Teaching is one thing, parenting is a whole new ballgame for me. The whole thing is troublesome, because while it is rude and unacceptable, it is also very clever. The diva decided to pull her snoring act at the dinner table when I requested that she use an inside voice because she was hurting people's ears. She snored at me, my mother couldn't resist a chuckle and my mother too was asked to leave the table. I ask again, what's a mother to do?

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Carol Beth said...

LOL!!! Oh, man, my toddler hasn't done the snoring thing yet...but if she had thought of it I'm sure she would use it regularly. We had quite a crazy toddler morning and it's good to be reminded that not only is this age frustrating, it's also FUNNY!