Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's my blog and I can brag if I want to!

Yesterday was busy. We had swim lessons, an apartment viewing, the preschool tour, and the celebration of my mother's birthday. Maybe that doesn't sound busy to some of you (like my dear friend with 7 children ;0) ), but it sure felt busy to me. I loved the preschool, as I knew I would. I think it would be a great place for The Diva to be and I really don't want to look anywhere else. I especially love that in the early 3 year old room they have two teachers for 10 children. The state regulation is 1:10. Unfortunately since I called last week spots have filled and The Diva is now # 1 on the waitlist. Not terrible, since I haven't even found a steady job yet, but what will I do with her on the days I am subbing? I haven't quite figured that out yet.
And now onto the shameless bragging. The Diva knocked their socks off! The preschool director kept telling me how advanced and verbal she was, and stopped several teachers and staff members throughout the tour, telling them that The Diva wouldn't be three until January, and to come and talk to her. That made me feel fabulous! Every mommy wants to hear someone without bias brag on their kid every now and then. My favorite part was when we were leaving and I told The Diva to say "Thank You". She looked at the director with her big brown eyes and said "Thank you for showing me your school." I am pretty sure that the age issue is no longer a factor in whether or not she gets in before January. The director said she would be in touch with me, and that you just never know if a spot could open up soon, that it just might happen. Now if only a spot would open up! Brag over.

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Carol Beth said...

Yeah, she is very advanced! She's a bit younger than Ana and sounds like she's maybe even more verbal--and people comment on Ana's verbal skills too. I'm very impressed! And it's so fun to hear these complex sentences coming out with that little toddler voice--cracks me up. Hooray for the Diva!