Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Daddy-o

Darling Husband of Mine,

Let me start by saying I love you. I think you are an amazing dad, a caring husband, and I happen to think you are pretty hot to boot. However there is a little issue that arose today that I just need to get off my chest.

When I write Manwich (or some other brand of sloppy joe) on the grocery list, that is really what I want you to buy. Seriously. I know it may come as a shock to the system, since it isn't on our grocery list much, but for some reason I really wanted a good old Sloppy Joe. I was even all excited planning the other really healthy things I could serve with the Sloppy Joes to make up for us eating said Sloppy Joes.

So buying Sloppy Joe flavored Hamburger Helper in it's place was not very cool. I understand you couldn't find the Manwich anywhere in that ginormous Price Chopper. I understand you thought you were doing a good thing by getting the Sloppy Joe type stand in. You were even really adorable when you were telling me what you bought. So excited, so proud. So adorable in fact, that I couldn't really get mad about not getting my stinkin' Manwich. But for future reference, stick to the list. And thanks again for doing the grocery shopping in the first place. And for vacuuming. I probably sound like a really petty wench for even bringing this up.

Thanks for listening!!!

Your Wife

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