Friday, November 7, 2008

She really is paying attention

Within the last week our entire family (all three of us) got the 24 hour stomach bug. We each got it exactly two days apart. I was the last to get it. On Monday I was really in the thick of it and had to stay home from work. We have a futon in our family room, so in order to take advantage of the dvr while I tossed and turned in nausea town, I put it down flat-bed style. The Diva cannot stand it when the futon is down flat for some reason. She is very particular about certain things, and this is one of them. Tuesday morning when we were up and getting ready for work/school, I still hadn't put the futon back in it's upright position. In my defense, I was still feeling pretty crappy but I had to be a trooper and tough it out. The Diva walks up to me while I am packing up my school bag and says:

Diva ( In a very calm, rational voice): Mommy, you have a choice. You can pick up this couch or you can go take a time out in your room.
Me: Diva, did you just tell me to go take a time out in my room?
Diva: No, I said you have a CHOICE. You can pick this couch up, OR you can go take a time out in your room. It's your choice.

Ah, my own words coming back to haunt me in my little bossy gal. I want her to feel as equal as she can as a member of our family, but there still is a bit of a pecking order. I was truly chuckling on the inside, as this is how most disciplinary conversations with the diva go. We do use time out ( I sometimes call it "time to yourself"), and I try to remind the Diva that she has a choice, and that her actions have either positive or negative consequences. This just goes to show that she is getting it.

If you have kiddos, do you use time out or some version of it?


doodlebelle said...

lol. Great Story.

Yes, we use time-out. and for the older one's grounding (either home or grounded from the computer depending on the offense) Grounding is just a glorified time-out. The reward system works best for us. They know what is expected of them to get certain privileges. But at the Diva's age, def. time-outs work. And your Diva obviously gets the concept. Great Job Mama!

Special K said...

Love the story! That's fab!

C. Beth said...

Now that's hilarious!

We use time out and we often give a "choice" too.

Anonymous said...

How cute!