Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stinkin' Traitor.

I would like to start this post by saying I don't care who you vote for just vote already! I would also like to say that anything I may say in the post is not meant to offend anyone, I promise.

Now, you may remember a while ago that the diva was an Obama supporter. She even said "I want my Barack Obama" I was so proud to be the mother of such a pollitically minded child. All that has changed. The Diva has figured out that a really good way to make mommy crazy is to say "John McCain" when I ask her who our next president should be. I do think it is pretty cool that she can identify both Barack Obama and John McCain, but come on now. She knows how I feel about this election. And I have over 27 years on her, she should defer to my expert knowledge. But oh no, this Diva thinks she has all the answers.

The other day when getting ready for work and preschool, the diva was drawing on her magna doodle. The conversation went down like this:

Diva: This is my job.
Me: What is your job?
Diva: It is my job to draw the President.
Me: Oh really? It is your job to draw the President?
Diva: Yes, President John McCain.
Me: Diva!!!!!! We want Barack Obama to be the next president!
Diva: Nope, it's John McCain. (giggling)
Now I start to get a little irrational-
Me: Diva, explain to me WHY you want John McCain to be president, do you support his beliefs?
Diva: John McCain John McCain John McCain!

Today I have no choice but to bring the Diva with me when I vote. So I am delighted that the little traitor has to watch me vote for Barack Obama. Sorry Diva and John McCain, but it's my vote. In another 16 years miss political opinions can vote for whoever she wants.


C. Beth said...

Ha ha ha ha! I just think it's fantastic she knows their names. Chickie is politically clueless.

doodlebelle said...


I am so sorry Mama. The Diva is obviously exerting her independence, 11 years early! All teenagers try to aggravate their parents by going the opposite. lol. I knew she was advanced, but come on...

Special K said...

Great story! Well written!

Shan said...

Oh that is great! As the mom of a 15 year old and a seven month old (!!!) my political conversations with my kids are a bit different, haha. I take them with me, too.

mommyslittleblog said...

Sounds like someone has learned how to push buttons! :)