Saturday, November 8, 2008

Time to Shave

I am usually really good about shaving because I hate stubble. I guess I have been slacking, what with everyone in the house being sick every two days exactly, work, election stuff, the diva thinking 4:00 am is a good time to play the xylophone (thanks Daylight Savings Time!), etc. This morning the Diva crawled up on my lap and said, Mommy, your legs are so SCRATCHY!!!!! Why are your legs so scratchy?" I am off to correct this situation.


Alissa said...

Too funny!

mommyslittleblog said...

Your post reminded me of how very badly I am in need of a shave, too!
Don't ya love a child's honesty?!

BTW, love the new photo of the Diva!

Special K said...

My aunt is a school teacher. One of the kids asked her why she had trees growing on her legs- woops!

I shaved this morning, despite the fact that I could hear the kids fighting like cats and dogs. It feels so wonderful!