Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, it has now happened to me! I have been tagged by Alissa to share six things about myself. I wll leave it up to you to decide whether or not the things I share are interesting. As far as spreading the taggy love, most of the people that I know read this blog have been tagged. So if you are reading, and someone hasn't tagged you, considered yourself tagged now! Here we go-

1) In college I took a trip to Puerto Rico and made my way through the rainforest with a machete.

2) I have a huge foot phobia. Watching people touch their feet creeps me out.

3) I have to tap the top of a soda can five times with my right index finger before I open it.

4) I really want to open a soup restaurant and call it Souped Up. If you happen to open a soup restaurant, please don't steal my name. K? Thanks.

5) I had pre-eclampsia when I was pregnant with the Diva. This caused her to be 6 weeks early. I then suffered ppd, and I am still a bit afraid to get pregnant again because of these two things.

6) When I was single, I used to go by a fake name in bars, and sometimes wear a fake engagement ring to ward off creepy guys. My roommate and I always made up stories about our fake identities and we once told someone we were in town for a tupperware convention.


Bri said...

funny about the soda can! I have to tap mine at least 8 times and only in increments of 8... so if I go over 8 it has to then be 16. Yes, I am a strange one... LoL

doodlebelle said...

HeHe. I did the fake name thing too.

mommyslittleblog said...

I meant to tag you!! I was wallowing in my own pity that I forgot who else could be tagged. Hope you had fun playing, I have another one up if you're interested. So, are you still teaching now? I would love to hear more...