Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On Love

With Valentine's Day being this past Sunday, it was easy to get the topic of love stuck on the brain. My first Valentine's Day with D involved a hotel, japanese food, red wine, and a reggae fest. We were young (25) and carefree (no kids). As the years have passed, our Valentine's day celebrations have mellowed. We spent one at a rib joint where we ran into one of D's exes, we spent another having fondue after Diva went to bed. This year, D treated "his girls" to a brunch out. Do I like being recognized as D's "true love" on Valentine's Day? Sure. More important to me though, are those daily reminders that we still love each other (for the most part we like each other too). Sometimes, I think to myself, "GOD, I just LOVE D". I will just be overcome with this feeling of intense love. (Go ahead, gag.) So, I got to thinking. Does D ever have those "GOD I just LOVE her moments? If I asked, would I get an honest response? I decided to ask. When I asked him, he chuckled and said, "You know, I do." Then he followed up with, "I also have those times where I think, "God this woman is driving me nuts!" His responses lead me to believe I got an honest answer. Sometimes I feel wistful thinking about that passionate, can't be apart, no one else matters love from the early days. Then I remember, I have a steady love. I married a guy who knows me better than anyone and still loves me. A guy who buys me giant lemonheads and cleans my car off when it snows. A guy that I can grow old with. Okay, mush over.

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Shan said...

*Love* the mush!